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A passion to help you make your next project authentic, engaging, and impactful! A desire to help you reach your goals of being a published or produced content creator!

More than 20 years teaching and mentoring.

Expertise on developing and maintaining a successful and sustainable creative career in film, TV, media, and publishing.

Vast knowledge and and personal resources in the fields of forensics and criminology. Have consulted writers on TV crime shows and novelists from around the globe.



I welcome your research-related inquiries about: Crime writing. Forensic Science. Crime Scene Investigation and Criminology. Screenwriting. The Business of Hollywood. Creative practices. Managing a Writing Business. Pitching & Selling.

Mentorship sessions can be scheduled to address aspects of your writing life, the business of writing, project management, working with producers, managers, and agents; and how to develop and maintain a successful and sustainable creative career.  

Due to my current writing schedule I am unavailable to do screenplay or manuscript consultation. However, I recommend anyone from the Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants and Educators. I know them all and they are highly qualified story consultants. Please give my name as a reference.

consultations & Mentorship sessions are available via phone or email


$100/Hour - Phone

$50/Half-Hour - Phone

$50 - Email exchange up to five questions

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