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For me there's nothing as satisfying than helping passionate writers move their stories to the next level. 

What I've learned over the years is that is that I can best serve others with my time and talents when I operate solely in my "Zone of Genius". This is the area in which I am uniquely suited and gifted — story telling and story mentoring. The results of doing this are incredible and my clients are served in the highest possible manner and most meaningful way!  

For me, this means working with writers who are serious, motivated, and committed. If that is you, I would love to work with you. Take a look at the options below and choose the one that best reflects what you need with your project in its current state. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, reach out to discuss if we are a good fit and what is the best option for you and your project.  I look forward to being a part of your story journey!

Jennifer helped me focus on the heart of each character to bring out their best aspects and make them feel more real. She went beyond merely the rules of story and tailored her advice to my story’s particular problems. As we brainstormed, she seemed to really care about my characters and making the story the best it can be.
— Christy Martin, graduate student


Story Consultation

Scripts or novels. Whether you are just starting or have completed several drafts, I can provide a very thorough story consultation where you will leave with a tangible plan for next steps on your project. Prior to the consultation, you complete a short story questionnaire that we use as a springboard for the consult. We schedule a mutually agreed upon time to meet over phone or Zoom. One hour session - $250


Prepping For Hollywood

Let's get you ready for Hollywood! I'll help arm you with everything you'll need to know for getting your pitch and/or treatment ready for a producer and answer any questions you have about what to expect and the Hollywood process. We schedule a mutually agreed upon time to meet over phone or Zoom. One hour session - $75


Project Mentorship

In the project mentorship program we meet over the course of 3 months in 4-8 one hour meetings to move your project to the next level. We start where ever you are at with the project — from seed of an idea… to fully executed script or novel. We develop a clear plan and goals for the project and the mentorship. We schedule a mutually agreed upon one hour sessions to meet over phone or Zoom. Project Mentorship prices are priced per session with a minimum of four sessions. All sessions must be completed within three months of first session. Each Session - $200

Jennifer has been a huge asset to me both as a writer and a film professor. She invested time in reading my script carefully and giving thoughtful, in-depth notes about what was working and what still needed attention, with creative ideas for how to address challenges in the script. Her help and insight has been invaluable.
— Matt Webb, Professor of Film Production, Huntington University

20+ Years of Helping Writers

In case you were wondering about my background in story consulting, teaching and mentorship: 

In addition to training and experience in film, TV, and novel writing, I have a masters degree in Rhetoric and I began teaching college level composition in 1997. From here I went on to teach high school lit, writing, and rhetoric for five years. I currently teach screenwriting and mentor screenwriters. I am a founding member of the Story Board - an association of entertainment consultants and educators.

Here are a few places where I have presented and taught.

Jennifer’s deep knowledge of screenwriting helped me turn a mediocre script into a solid story with compelling characters. Her encouragement and insightful notes helped me to cut scenes and characters, reshaping the story in a much more efficient and powerful way. Never pushing an idea or taking away my creative control, she helped me think for myself and build skills I will continue to use. I highly recommend engaging Jennifer if you want to take your script to the next level.
— Michael Jones

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Jennifer Dornbush brings a mature and refreshing perspective to every writing project. Whether you’re a student or a credited screenwriter, her insights and analysis help move your script from “pass” to “recommend.” Jennifer knows the industry. She has the built the relationships, gained the wisdom and earned the experience necessary to rank her as a go-to resource on crafting the story and refining the script.
— D. Samford, Attorney